Sunday, July 12, 2015

Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words

Rachel Coker. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2012. 247 pp.
Rating: Worthy
In rural Tennessee, ensconced in a world of Emily Dickinson, mythology, and piano lessons, thirteen-year old Alcyone "Allie" Everly cares for her cancer-stricken mother. Without a friend, save the irksome Sam Carroll, the boy who's always around, Allie is confined to her mother's introverted, fantasy world; until disaster strikes tearing it apart. Allie is then shipped off to Maine to the home of Beatrice Lovell leaving everything she knows behind only hours after the funeral. Forewarned by her mother to, "...look out for yourself and don't let your guard down. Don't ever forget your roots or your common sense," Allie subconsciously creates thick walls barring anything of her new life to creep in, especially her adoptive mother. Yet, it isn't until Sam's unexpected arrival in Maine that Allie's defenses begin to unravel. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Delightful Bargain

Found this little beauty today while book window shopping. Ah, the euphoric moment of finding a brand new hardcover copy of a book on your to-be-read list at an amazing discounted price. Score! :)

#278 on Goodreads TBR bookshelf

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

'89 Walls

Kate Pierson. Minneapolis: Wise Ink, 2015. pp. 264.
Rating: Decent + 5 Scoops

Goodreads Summary: College is not in the cards for Seth. He spends his minimum wage on groceries and fakes happiness to distract his mom from the MS they both know will kill her. It’s agony to carry around a frayed love note for a girl who’s both out of his league and beneath his dignity. 

Quinn’s finishing high school on top. But that cynical, liberal guy in her social studies class makes her doubt her old assumptions. Challenging the rules now, though, would a) squander her last summer at home, b) antagonize her conservative dad, and c) make her a hypocrite.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Teen Blog Spotlight + Giveaway

Welcome Danai Kamvoussiora, the writer behind the blog Books, Music, Beauty, Experiences. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of Danai's interview.

Why did you decide to start a blog?
Well, I've always admired people who put their thoughts out for all to read. Blogging seemed to be the best manner for me to do that as well. 

What should readers expect from your blog?
I love books and music so I incorporate both of my loves in the blog. Readers should expect book reviews and piano videos mostly, but I will also post beauty tips, and share some of my life experiences.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Book Talk Tuesday: What are You Reading?

Picks of the Week

Prayers for the Stolen by Jennifer Clement-Set in rural Mexico, girls are faced with a choice: forgo their womanhood or become prey of the ruling drug cartels.

Why Do We Fight? Conflict, War, and Peace by Niki Walker-Conflict is an ever present component of society. Why Do We Fight? helps kids understand conflict and how best to deal with it.

What are you reading?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nerdy Social Action by Sarah Mulhern Gross

After reading Sarah Gross' post, I had to share it. Provoking students to action is near and dear to my heart.

In Spring 2011, I was assigned to my first student teaching field experience. Twice a week for twelve weeks, I worked in an eighth grade Language Arts classroom. When I began, the English Department was just starting a four-week poetry unit spanning the themes: determination, cultures, love, and courage. During the last week of the unit, my supervising teacher confided in me that she hoped to inspire 127 social activists, at which my heart leapt with joy. For I believe that it is each and every adult's responsibility to teach, influence, and empower youth to support and fight for causes in which they believe. That Tuesday started off like any other. Mrs. Jennings and I prepped for the day's back-to-back classes during the first two periods of the morning.  Little did I know what I was about to experience.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spell It Out Challenge

This year marks my fourth year participating in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. Riding on a high from meeting and surpassing last year's reading goal of 45 books, I bumped it up ten books for 2015. In comes the new year, then BAM! I'm hit, knocked down, and run over. Every reader's nightmare, The Slump, the dreaded reading slump, pinned me down refusing to release its captive hold. Though my apartment overflows with books, the library is a half mile away from my home, and my to-be-read list is ever-growing, the slump remained constant.