Saturday, January 10, 2015

It's No Surprise: Books Teach Life Lessons by Lee Ann Spillane

I love the Nerdy Book Club! Since joining this reading community three years ago, I've been connected to hundreds of kindred spirits from around the globe. A group of people who live, breathe, and eat the written word as I do. Each post is filled with a wealth of information, knowledge, and book love. Though I sometimes fall behind on reading my emails, I make sure to catch up on all missed Nerdy news because I know that whatever I read will feed my soul. Posts such as Lee Ann Spillane's does just that. Not only does it drive home the power of books, but it also demonstrates the impact of an international network of individuals sharing, learning, and reading.

“Stories define us and nourish us–intellectually, emotionally–
stories teach us to be human.” – Linda Reif, NCTE 2014

Friday, January 9, 2015

2015...My Year of More

Nine days into 2015 may seem odd to proclaim a course for the new year, yet it's just the right time for me.  On New Year's Eve, in response to a post on Author Amy Harmon's Facebook page, I replied "My New Year's promise is to do more...exercise more...write more." Never one to take new year's resolutions seriously, breaking any I happened to make failed to register in my consciousness. However, a shift...a change had come.