Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: Soul Searching: A Girl's Guide to Finding Herself by Sarah Stillman

Sarah Stillman. New York: SimonPulse/Hillsboro: Beyond Words Publishing, 2012. 162 pp.
Rating: Striking  

"Even though soul searching may seem like a mostly mental and emotional journey, the mind, body, and spirit are closely linked. When we have negative feelings about our physical selves, it makes it almost impossible to focus on our emotional and spiritual identities" (33).

Originally published in 2000 by the author at age sixteen, Soul Searching provides young girls ways to stave off self-destructive behaviors through self-discovery. Author Sarah Stillman began her soul searching journey at the tender age of sixteen. The book begins and ends explaining soul searching is a never ending journey. It explores aromatherapy, personal space setting, dream interpretations, philosophy, various religions, and other areas. Each chapter ends with a list of resources for further research about that subject.

Quote-"Many people are threatened by female security, often because it invokes their own fear and jealousy." (34)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: Nightshade (The Poison Diaries #2) by Maryrose Wood

Maryrose Wood with The Duchess of Northumberland. New York: Balzer + Bray, 2011. 280 pp.
Rating: Worthy + 8 Scoops

**Review contains minor spoilers from the first book**
Enter, once again, the lyrical world of Maryrose Wood. The enchanting poison garden sits, beckons, and waits ready to wreak havoc. 
At the end of The Poison Diaries, Jessamine awakens from her feverish condition without Weed at her bedside. Devastated by his sudden disappearance, Jessamine, no longer the blooming wildflower loses all faith in the world's beauty. Believing Weed lost hope in her recovery, she assumes the life of a healer devoid of feeling. Upon discovering that her father sacrificed her mother's life, as well as, risked her own in the name of research, Jessamine is determined to seek revenge.