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Review: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyers. New York: Feiwel and Friends, 2013. 454 pp.
Rating: Striking + 5 Scoops

Note: I started writing this review as soon as I finished reading the book on December 7, 2013; however, I never finished writing it. Last month I decided to reread Scarlet, my favorite book of TLC, because I needed something familiar, something I liked, something that wouldn't take up more space than the already jumbled thoughts currently swirling in my mind. I needed a good friend. Not only did this rereading bring me peace, but it also prompted me to finish the review I started seven years earlier. Although many years have passed, I'm leaving the review as I started it. 

In Scarlet, the second installment of The Lunar Chronicles Series, Cinder's story surges forward. Readers sojourn from New Beijing to Rieux, a small province in the French countryside, and there are introduced to Scarlet Benoit, the fiery, red-haired granddaughter of a former European Union pilot. Scarlet is unconvinced that her grandmother's disappearance is intentional though the police and townspeople believe otherwise. While Scarlet grapples with her grandmother's disappearance, Cinder is attempting to break out of prison to elude extradition back to Luna and Queen Levana's malicious plans.

I really enjoyed Scarlet. It did not disappoint. I connected with Scarlet's feisty nature. Although at eighteen I wasn't as hot-headed as Scarlet, this was the first YA book I've read thus far where I connected to the heroine because I saw my teen-self reflected in her. The plot moved along steadily. I liked the alternating individual exploits of Scarlet and Cinder before their journeys collide. However, I must admit that I liked the parts with Scarlet and Wolf more than Cinder and Thorne—after their escape from prison that is. 

I fell in love with Scarlet and Wolf.  The budding romance between them touched me. I personally know a "Wolf" and I instantly connected to the character. I felt Scarlet's description of Wolf in the very core of my being. 
"To some, a wild beast, a predator, a nuisance. To others, a shy animal who was too often misunderstood by humanity."
It's officialWolf is my first ever book boyfriend. Can you believe it? A certified, bonafide, over thirty book nerd confessing to having her first book crush? Yes, believe it. While reading my favorite historical romance novels, I've sighed many times at a sweet act the hero did or an endearing sentiment he said; but none of them screamed, "He's a keeper!" "This is him, your man!" Now do you understand why Wolf is my very first book boyfriend.

I loved Iko's quirky personality in book one and am happy that she reappeared in Scarlet. The reincarnated form she now embodies adds spunk to her quirkiness. I found Thorne funny and charming. His addition definitely helped to brighten the sections with Cinder in my opinion. This time around Cinder was a bit more palatable, but she was still nerve-wracking. Though I must mention, when I read book one, I noticed Cinder's "other" status due to being a cyborg, but in this rereading of Scarlet, I see just how "othered" she isthe "othering" is much more blatant. On a totally unrelated note, several times during the course of the novel, Scarlet wipes something on her jeans. Ew, those have to be some of the filthiest, most disgusting jeans. 😵

I'll leave you all with a snippet of the Amazon review I wrote after I read a preview of the first five chapters of Scarlet, "Scarlet hooks you, reels you in, and doesn't let go." 

I'm looking forward to reading Cress, book three of the series.

Favorite Quotes
"What is this, nap time? Turn some lights on." (248) 

"She was ready to figure out who she really was—not who what anyone else told her to be." (Yes, Cinder's off to discover her truth. Self-discovery is vital to one's development)

"I knew they would kill me when they found out, but..." He struggled for words, releasing a sharp breath. "I think I realized that I would rather die because I betrayed them, than live because I betrayed you." (444) (clutching my heart: Oh, how sweet!)

Wolf's expression iced over and he looked away. His tone became uneasy again. "I know you must want nothing to do with me. I don't blame you." Wolf scrunched up his shoulders, and met her with an expression full of regret. "But you're the only one, Scarlet. You'll always be the only one."
     Her pulse fluttered. "Wolf"
     "I know. We met less than a week ago and in that time I've done nothing but lie and cheat and betray you. But if you give me a chance...all I want is to protect you. To be near you. For as long as I'm able." (446) (swooning: I don't know if I can take anymore!)

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