Sunday, September 29, 2013


There was one embodying strength and valor
whose doubts of usefulness constantly sniped at his mind
unwilling to release its hold.
For see wolves stole his sight, yet
beyond the reaches of these carnivorous animals
laid his unwavering faith.
The light of his heart untouched guided the way.
Never alone, the time drew near
Sacrifice unlocked the purpose, vision made plain the plan.
Plagued, raked, and ravished at the hands of many
One stayed firmed dispatching messengers.
“Merlin, the moment’s at hand—
 Go forth my child, alight the path.”

*My poem submitted for the Merlin Spiral Contest.

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  1. Had to do a double take on this poem. Very interesting. Hope your looking for publishing, can't wait for Written Melodies book of poems. Good Luck on the contest.


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