Monday, September 9, 2013


Bold to behold, strong as an ox
when you walk the world stops
you are the very essence of masculinity.
Do you know, do you know
     the power you possess?
Look and you shall see,
Listen and you shall hear,
Close your eyes and you will feel,

Allow yourself to open up and
experience the things around you.
Do you know, do you know
     the life within you?
Alive, alive down to your inner core
Oh, the warmth radiating from there
Energy, energy abound
The light you bring,
How brightly it shines
Shine your light on me, shine it on me
illuminating the very essence of your masculinity.


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  2. I'm not much on poetry but all the profs that have taught it fuss about there needing to be a lot of imagery. Work on making a visual feeling.


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