Cultivating You, Inc.

Literacy is the backbone of learning and as learners, we construct meaning out of what we know. Conversely, the more we read, the more information we acquire in which to construct meaning. 

Nurturing youth is a joint effort as well as an ever-evolving cycle that extends from the home to the schools, and everywhere in between. Every child deserves the opportunity to blossom, enabling a life of passion and purpose. Realizing that inspiration comes in many forms, such as people, experiences, books, and so forth, our task is to induce youth to fall in love with, or rediscover their love for learningencouraging them to maintain the vision of a greater tomorrow.

Cultivating You, Inc. exists to provide supplementary literacy services to underserved youth, 14-19 years of age, in Carroll County, Georgia. Our mission is to stimulate and grow the inner talents of young people, preparing them to fulfill their lifes purpose by challenging them to explore and expand through creative self-expression, critical thinking, and objective reasoning. 

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