Friday, December 26, 2014

Review: The Christmas Dolls by Carol Beach York

Carol Beach York. Scholastic: New York. 1967. 96 pp.
Rating: Striking + 5 Scoops

Book Blurb: Florabelle is an old rag doll without shoes. Lily doesn't have any shoes either, and her head is on backward. A little girl, who can talk to dolls, sets out on a dark, snowy night to find a way to make them beautiful again. 

Like any child, I looked forward to the Fall/Winter holiday season. For me it signified big family dinners, approaching birthdays for my siblings and I, colorful lights, homemade decorations, presents, and Claymation cartoons. More than anything else, it signaled time to snuggle up with my two favorite Christmas stories, The Christmas Dolls and The Nutcracker

As a child, I was awestruck with Tatty's gift to talk to dolls. I believed, and secretly still do, that toys communicate with each other. I envied her ability to be a part of a world I could not, the doll-speaking sphere. Every year I took a trip to The Good Day Orphanage in Butterfield Square. Captivated by the story of an orphan girl who could talk to dolls, I immersed myself in Tatty's brave adventure. Of course, no good Christmas story would be complete without a bah humbug fellow. Mr. Not So Much serves up plenty of  non-festive cheer. The language is a bit dated, but who cares! The Christmas Dolls is a seasonal gem to visit again and again.

My very used copy

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  1. Nice one! Gonna have to put this on the reading this for Christmas 2015!!!!

    1. Great! I think you and the kiddos will enjoy it!!


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