Thursday, November 27, 2014

Are You Rich?

Though it's been almost a whole entire 365 days, literally, since the incident, the memory still haunts me. Oh, the shame, the shame. Last Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013, I missed an opportune teachable moment.

Back in 2011, I purchased my youngest sister's children their first journals. At that time, my nephew was 7 and my nieces were 5, 5, and 3. As I explained to them the many uses of a journal (creating lists, drawing, writing about their day or their feelings, etc.) my nephew, in all of his seven-year old wisdom, proudly proclaimed, "You write secrets in your diary." Then Amia, one of the twins, turned to me and said "Stephanie, let me see your secrets," rendering me momentarily speechless."

Two years later, that same niece asked me to buy her another journal. After I presented the four of them with new journals on Thanksgiving Day, Amia turns to me and asks, "Are you rich?" Eyes bulged and open mouthed, I exclaimed, "Girl nawl!" Having spent a measly four dollars on all four journals, the question shocked me senseless.  If my wits had been about me, I would have affirmed her assertion. I would have told her that I'm rich in things that money cannot buy, like family.

I think on that moment often. If I could rewind back to that minute, I would answer, "Yes, I most certainly am rich. I am rich in love, support, and encouragement. I'm rich in faith, books, and the young lives that are entrusted to me twice a week at work. I am rich because God saw fit to birth you into this family and in my life. My bank account may not reflect how rich I am, but indeed my love, I am rich."

I have long since rectified the matter, but it still bothers me. Ah well, next time...for there will be a next time.

Amia at three-years old in all of her
independent glory.

  • What teachable moment do you regret missing?
  • Did you ever get another opportunity to correct your folly?


  1. Your actions and the example you set for the young people in your life will always be the final word in how you are perceived, and they will learn in time how rich they are in your love!

    1. My hope is to leave a rich legacy to all those I encounter. Thanks Chris for your kind words!


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