Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: So, You Want to Work in Sports? The Ultimate Guide to Exploring the Sports Industry (Be What You Want) by Joanne Mattern

Joanne Mattern. New York: Aladdin/Oregon: Beyond Words, 2014. 224 pp.
Rating: Worthy

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" is probably the most common question children are asked. How many times growing up were you asked that question? However, during the course of childhood, the answer changes with each passing day. While there are kids who choose a profession at an early age, the majority of youth are indecisive and switch industries frequently. Although I bounced between two career choices, my younger sister considered a variety of careers. She aspired to be a professional tennis player, model, doctor, and dental hygienist before settling on nursing. The Be What You Want Series provides a gateway for kids to begin exploring viable career options. 

This book is a great resource for children who are considering a career in sports. It provides an informal blueprint of the best subjects to study in high school and college, as well as encouraging extracurricular activities in the focus areas. The biographical career profiles included in each chapter are helpful, notwithstanding a few vague responses. I love the emphasis Mattern places on the importance of networking and making connections. Overall, the book impresses upon kids the hard work that goes into a sports career.

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