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Review: Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen #2) by Rebecca Maizel

Rebecca Maizel. New York: St, Martin's Griffin, 2013. 304 pp.
Rating: Decent 

**Spoiler Alert: This review contains mild spoilers.**

After surviving the ritual she performed to restore Vicken's humanity, Lenah returns to Wickham's campus. Upon her return, Lenah witnesses a horrendous, yet familiar act. However, before processing the latest scene, Lenah encounters the legendary Aeris. Their visit is most unexpected, but it doesn't compare to the live, very mortal figure of Rhode Lewin. Lost in the moment, Lenah forgets Justin's presence at her side, though she quickly discovers Rhode's reappearance comes at a price. Amid the turmoil, a formidable opponent reveals itself. A foe more powerful than her coven, the aspiring vampire queen Odette.
I had several issues with this book, but let's begin with the bright spotVicken. His witty, snarky, and sarcastic comments are always delivered at the right times.  Ok, on to the issues.

Issue one: Lenah Beaudonte. With every flip of the page, I wanted to smack some sense into her
Lenah's selfishness and teenage angst is too much to bear.  She annoys to the point of dislike, not to mention her irritating internal monologue. Lenah's actions make it difficult to determine whether she is unable, unwilling, or indifferent to the lives tied to her own. With each bad decision, those closest to her and the Wickham community suffer devastating consequences. 

Issue two: The love triangle. I'm not a big fan of love triangles because rather than enhancing a story, most often it distracts, detracts, and occasionally takes over the plot, which is exactly what happens--plot hijacked. "Yes, Lenah Beaudonte. You and Rhode Lewin were born under the same stars. The course of your lives has brought you heretogether, as soul mates" (14).  Lenah's obsession with Rhode's lack of attention pushes her to Justin, the consolation prize, in which she attempts to alleviate her hurt, although their relationship isn't as it had been previously. "It seemed to me then I'd never again feel the joy and comfort of lying in his arms. I remembered how powerful his warmth had felt after being cold for hundreds of years. Warmth, touch, tenderness—that was Justin. He was a reminder that I could truly be alive and feel love. He'd helped me move on last year. I wanted him to help me now. Help me in the way only he could" (82). It irks me that Lenah picks back up with Justin sparing no regard for his feelings. Plus, her need to be wanted causes her to be careless and impulsive. Instead of harnessing energy to defeat Odette, Lenah pines for her first love and buries herself in his alternate. It's not until the last few chapters where Lenah is able reign in her emotions. Yet, she fails to separate her affection for Justin from the danger he imposes.

Issue three: Discrepancies. While visiting the graveyard of her childhood home in 1730, etched in Lenah's tombstone are the dates 1400-1417 (24), which is completely inconsistent from book one where Rhode kills Lenah at the age of fifteen in 1418. "I was almost 16, had never left my parents' orchard, and the most beautiful man in the world stood in from of me." (Infinite Days, 49) Also, the epilogue hints toward Justin being a vampire and responsible for student disappearances, which wouldn't make sense according to the Aeris' statement to Lenah, "Every person you murdered will live again, as will those killed by the vampires you created. They will never meet you—because you won't become a vampire. It will be as though you had never met" (16).

After such a long wait, I was disappointed in the novel, which differed greatly from the snippet included in the back of book one; and the deviation of the storyline from such a promising start in the series. Vicken, along with the last three chapters saved the book. Even though I didn't like Stolen Nights as much as Infinite Days, I will continue on with the series because it started so strong and I believe that it could have a great finish.

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  1. OMG yes to everything you said. Like my review said, I was so fed up with Lenah and her yo-yo feelings that I just couldn't finish it. I feel bad for fans of Infinite Days andwaited years for Stolen Nights and it ended up being so disappointing. I only had a few months wait so it wasn't as bad.
    Since I didn't finish the book I didn't know that the ending was left open for a 3rd book and to be honest, I don't even know if I were to pick it up. Hopefully, it'll make up for this book.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my review!
    Jenn @ Books and Swoons.

    1. I'm hoping Book 3, Eternal Dawn, will salvage the series. It's expected release is July 3rd.

      Anytime! I know all bloggers are just like me and love comments!! :-)


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