Monday, March 11, 2013

Trust Issues

As I perused several book blogs before starting my own, I noticed that several blogs contained reviews mostly with ratings of four or five stars. Hmmm...suspect. Questions to these bloggers formed in my mind.

What do you look for in a book?
Do you like every book you read?
Do you prefer a particular genre or read them all?
Are you a discernible reader?
As a reviewer, where do your loyalties lie, to the author or the book-loving public?

A few weeks ago, in a School Library Journal e-newsletter, I read an article comment that continues to gnaw at me. The commenter stated that she only reviews books that she likes. Yes, book blogging is my hobby; however, I believe my responsibility as a book lover and reviewer is to disclose everything about my reading experience: the writing quality, plot, characterizations, dialogue, my likes, and dislikes, without divulging the story or including too many spoilers.  Even though book reviews are not without impartiality, can you really trust reviewers who post only glowing book reviews?

Sound off!

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